1. andrew cooper says

    Crypto.com Support Number (1-888-824-8817) (888) 959-8091 } Is Real

    I contacted crypto.com help team to get help with some issues with a btc transfer which resulted in me not knowing where my funds were going. I have still not had anyone contact me about that from over a week ago. Luckily the funds got to where they needed to be.

  2. Chloe Bourton says

    crypto.com Hacked account and stolen crypto

    There was a breach in crypto.com on December 6th 2021 in which my account was compromised I had my crypto stolen and my bank card was used by the hackers as well its been 8 days with no resolution I have contacted them many of times with no reply my account is currently locked down so I cannot cash out what little crypto was left I would not trust this site til they fix these problems

  3. Isabella says

    Deposit not deposited on crypto.com

    Received call back and issue was dealt with in a timely manner. I would suggest that they make their exchange a little more user friendly and have more real people to talk to with regards to crypto.com Support issues.

  4. Samuel Stewart says

    Someone hacked into my crypto.com account and stole my shiba uni and tried to take money out of my bank account, this took.place on December 6 2021 around 2:17 pm. I message crypto.com about this incident and as of December 14 2021 this is still not resolved very dissatisfaction in crypto.com in how they have handled this situation and how unorganized they are , I have worked with 4 different employees of crypto.com and they have no idea how far along one another is ony verification process which has had me verifiy myself 4 time and each time has taken about 1 and half to complete its crazy to think that a billion dollar company could get hacked so easily made me uncomfortable for sure

  5. Harrison says

    How to Change my bank account details on crypto.com – I want to use another bank account where I can withdraw the money

    To withdrawal money I have to put a bank account to the app. I put a German bank account on it but I wanna change it and I cant or cant find it … pls help

  6. Rebecca Willams says

    My bank account was hacked thru crypto.com 2 months ago. Crypto returned the money that was stolen, but Ive not been about to login to my crypto account since then. I had over $800 in my crypto.com account and have no idea where its at now because I cant see it. Every time I login it says an email has been sent for verification, but I never receive an email. Can I please get some help or answers. My phone is 318-381-5476 if you need to speak with me.

  7. Rachel says

    Been waiting forweek to get this resolved I have had to do the same steps over and over again doesn’t seem like crypto employees communicate well I have had to tell them over and over again that I was hacked this started on the 6th tonight the employee said my account was closed because I was hacked and again she acted surprised like I haven’t said that before crazy

  8. isabella young says

    Need to speak crypto.com Support with live person

    I need to speak to someone about shares that I have sold and cannot get the funds, I sent all the documents they requested and they are still asking for the same documents, I don’t know who has them but they were sent 4or5 time

  9. dylan davies says

    Crypto Com – Account was hacked and I can’t login

    I was kicked out of my Crypto.Com account. I was hacked and now my account is locked. They texted me for my pin and I didn’t give it to them. They also sent me a text ending in @***.com. I just want access back to my account of possible.

  10. turner taylor says

    A deposit that didn’t show up in my fiat wallet

    I deposited money from my bank account by email transfer but did not show up in my fiat wallet ? I sent money 5 different times that went through but this last time I sent 500 dollars Canadian and I didnt go through ? Now how to Contact fiat wallet Support?

  11. samantha says

    I had 2 charges come out of my bank account today from crypto com that I did not make and I can’t get ahold of anyone to fix it!

  12. Matthew says

    Here I am trying to deposit money and it continues to tell me an error occurred. Whats the damn problem? Plus your crypto.com Support sucks. Cant reach no damn body.

  13. natasha mitchell says

    The crypto.com application does not show me how to successfully transfer money from my bank account to the Fiat wallet. The application takes me to where crypto’s Routing and account information is, but it does not tell me where to use it so ACH can process my request.

  14. robinson henry says

    Unable to access my Crypto.com account

    I’ve been trying to retrieve my Crypto.com account since MAY,, to no avail..for seven months I’ve sent numerous selfie they have requested and I have changed my email and phone number as they requested I do.. now that I have done all that they are telling me I can’t have 2 accounts ??? Really ???!!! So sick of talking to these people !!! At this point I am filing a complaint with BBB, FTC , and anybody else I can. I am going to write to my Congressman and I am hiring a lawyer for recovery of my funds. I should have done better research. Crypto .Com SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Debbie Eshleman says

    Crypto.Com – Unsettlement fund

    To whom it may concern,

    I would like to inform you about my experience in your costumer support. I don’t know if your company aware of these things.

    I encountered problem during my XRP deposit in your platform from coins.ph to crypto.com.

    After successfully send my fund to crypto.com they found out that the destination tag was missing. Furthermore, I already reached out to one of the support team of crypto.com at (888) 959-8091. The one who I talked in their costumer support retrieved my fund. I gave my selfie holding the paper containing my name date and name of platform (cypto.com), hash link etc.

    for verification that I’m the real owner of that account and for safety purposes. After they confirmed and ready for settlement, they ask me if it is fine for me to deduct $50 fee to settle my fund. I refused for it because it is too much money for me for the settlement.

    Suddenly they disappeared and ignore my concern. Take note that in your policy, there’s not mentioned that you need to charge the client once they retrieve the lost fund.

    I hope you can help regarding this matter.

  16. Ura Allen Fredrick says

    Waiting for my funds from my bank account to deposit into crypto

    I did a email transfer to crypto.com for 500 dollars Canadian last Friday and still nothing in my crypto account

  17. Linda Letulle Solari says

    My crypto.com account was hacked and money stolen!

    My crypto.com account was hacked after I finally reset the password I seen that 17,000,000 shiba was sold as well as the rest of my coins! I would like this to be reversed immediately! I was tried crypto.com customer number at (888) 959-8091. but not getting answer

  18. Linda Galindo says

    My account is still pending for me to establish a fiat wallet Added .It’s been 3 days

    Have there been a decision on my verification for my fiat wallet ? Please help me and let me know do I need to resubmit anymore documents

  19. Rima melikyan says

    Need help with setting up my fiat wallet

    it stating my fiat wallet is failed. and i am trying to set it up to my bank account to tranfer funds. How to Contact fiat wallet Support number or fiat wallet Support

  20. Rima melikyan says

    Can’t crypto.com access my account , it is blocked and not sure where my Money is located now

    My crypto.com account had been blocked after I tried several times to open up my account. I may have the right password or other information that I used in the first place . Meanwhile, I am suspecting that my phone has been compromised. Need immediate action,

  21. Steven LaRochelle says

    Money stolen from me by Crypto.com

    Crypto.com took over $400 from my account without authorization and when I called to make a report they cancelled my account and stole my money.

  22. paul hawkins says

    I can’t access my funds on fiat wallet

    I deposited money in your trading platform yesterday and I can’t access it I deposited $6900 and it says I only have $85 Dollars and I can’t buy any crypto why cant I access my money. fiat wallet Support please help me.

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